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Dr. Pam Shervanick

Today I Am Very Healthy

‍In 2015, I made an illogical decision that changed my life forever. Against the best medical advice, I left Massachusetts General Hospital because I had been diagnosed with a terrible Autoimmune Disease, at the time known as Wegner’s Granulomatosis. Despite a plethora of painful biopsies, the doctors still couldn’t figure out whether or not I …

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False ‘Facts’

I’ve always had a deep thirst for knowledge. Ever since I was young, I was an avid reader. Repeatedly I would pause and relish the pleasure of investigating a word in my trusted dictionary.  Until recently, I assumed the information in this sacred reference text was accurate and reliable and could not be altered to …

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An Unsinkable Narrative

“They were not far from shore, ’bout a thousand miles or more, when the rich refused to associate with the poor. So they threw them down below, where they were first to go…It was sad when the great ship went down. Oh the moral of this story, is plain as you can see. Never trust …

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