1918 VS. 2020

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” wrote George Santaya (1863-1952), a Harvard Professor in philosophy. I was not around in 1918, but I’ve been researching the Spanish flu pandemic and noticed many similarities with our current day pandemic. I’m pleased to share some of the truths I’ve discovered as history repeats itself.


Let’s begin with details of the origin for the 1918 Spanish Flu. In 1918, the media reported that the virus originated in Spain, hence it was named “Spanish flu”. The news and media outlets were also reporting on World War 1 and Spain was not involved in the war at that time. The warring countries did not want to frighten their soldiers or civilians by suggesting there was a viral enemy in their midst, so blaming Spain was a solution that kept the peace and had no effect on the young men who had enlisted to fight in the war.


COVID is also known as the China virus because we are told the virus originated from a wet market in Wuhan China. Like 1918, the news and media outlets tell us the virus spread because of a naturally occurring disease, but this time the source is a bat. This story is a cover for the truth. The bat virus in question had been biologically isolated in a bio lab. The virus was altered and manipulated so it could infect humans. The virus spread and it is not known whether it was intentional or unintentional, but evidence shows that contaminated people were the viral source who spread this disease amongst us as biowarfare.


I researched the science of virus spreading from animals to humans. It was reported that the Spanish flu was an avian derivative, and that COVID-19 is a bat derivative, but the evidence shows otherwise.  Researchers, scientists, and doctors have concluded the virus must have been grown in a lab in animal cell cultures. This is because the virus, SARS-CoV-2, is unusually well-adapted to humans which is not typical for a newly emerging pathogen. The virus presents with a spike protein that attaches tightly to the human cell receptor, and it does not attach so well to any other species.


Research shows that the first case of the 1918 Spanish flu does not trace back to somewhere in Spain. It traces back to an American military base in Fort Riley, Kansas. In the early part of 1918, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York, was researching and testing a new vaccine derived from horses called bacterial meningitis. Once manufactured, the Rockefeller Institute injected soldiers at Fort Riley with this experimental vaccine. At that same time, the men were being sent over to Europe to fight in WWI. These men became sick with the disease that is known as Spanish flu. The so-called experts of 1918 claimed the illness was spread through poor sanitation conditions which the soldiers were enduring. They also claimed that the virus was spreading through aerosolizing the bacteria, or breathing.


When COVID-19 became a pandemic, people were frightened. This generation has never experienced any worldwide spread of disease. The so-called experts of today gave us false information and used some of the tactics from 1918. But Covid does not affect everyone equally. The most vulnerable are the young, older and immunocomromised. Did you know in 1918 there were maskers and anti-maskers? In December of 1918, the American Public Health Association recommended the wearing of masks. People began forming committees to resist the unconstitutional mandate. An Anti-Mask League was formed in San Francisco to protest legislation. The people of 1918 knew this was an attack on our civil liberties.


People in 1918 who were complying with the mandate to wear masks started to become ill. These were healthy individuals. The people becoming sick presented with respiratory distress, but these symptoms were not caused by a virus; the cause was bacterial. When wearing a mask, a person is no longer able to easily exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen. The levels of oxygen in the body begin to decrease and at a higher rate when wearing a mask for longer periods of time. Our lungs need uncontaminated oxygen, but with the mask, the levels are lower and what is inhaled is contaminated. This then causes damage and weakness to the lungs. Due to this damage our lungs can no longer fight off infection and the mask wearer becomes infected with bacterial pneumonia. This same scenario is happening today. Sadly, many more people perished in the 1918’s -1919’s due to bacterial pneumonia than any other sickness, or even the World War.


Today, with COVID, we can see history repeating itself. Knowledge of what happened before our time is important. There are lessons to be learned from previous pandemics. With the technology we have today, news and media spreads information much quicker than back in 1918. Sadly, the information being spread is false. We need to be aware of truths verses untruths. It is time we do our part and be diligent and vigilant. I am hoping that by sharing some of my research you will be encouraged to go beyond what I have shared. Knowledge is power. As it says in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge. Let us grow in knowledge and stand boldly proclaiming the truth today and for generations to come.”



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