Dying is Inevitable, but Living is Optional

Dying is Inevitable, but Living is Optional

Yesterday was my son’s 16th birthday.  When I asked him how he wanted to celebrate, he said he wanted to spend the day together.  He’s amazing. My love for this young man is overwhelming, and I am constantly amazed by the way he cherishes our closeness. Many boys his age would be embarrassed about this. He is wise beyond his years, and knows that despite the horror in the world, we have each other, and there is nothing greater than this blessing.

It was a great day.  Public schools in Maine have decided there is no school on Wednesday, and with his stepdad at work, and his sister at her school, we picked up sandwiches from a favorite place, nestled on the couch and watched “Braveheart”.  I had never seen the film.  Now I understand why.  It was simply remarkable, and inspiring, and an important reminder that to hide yourself and live in fear is not living at all.

We are both history buffs, and the beauty of this film and its story reminded me that we are both old souls. My son agreed that during such difficult times like we are living in now, we must be grateful for any reminder to rise above the oppression, no matter how difficult the path.  We must never accept any alternative except freedom.  It’s worth holding out for. As a doctor, my dedication to helping people is very strong, but it was strengthened as a result of this birthday celebration. Our celebration was a day when we chose to live, even though we were not welcome in our community.

The scare tactics, bullying and coercion that are the current ammunition being used against innocent people to force a vaccine is beyond unacceptable.  It’s unethical. The vaccine does not impart immunity; it only decreases symptom severity. The vaccine is experimental and obviously harmful to many.

Even as more freedoms are being proposed for those who get the vaccine, and companies are offering generous and unethical financial incentives to make people get the jab, those who see the truth must stick to their guns and not acquiesce.  Please understand that the cost of these “freedoms” are actually a loss of your ability to choose for yourself and have control over your own body.  Whoever is guiding this vaccine nightmare is banking on everyone giving in to political coercion, media pressure and the prevailing sentiment.  There is power in numbers.  Let’s stand together.

I know this is hard.  I am also tired.  As a non-masker, I have not eaten out for over a year, nor left the state of Maine, where I live.  Prior to the lockdowns, my personal and professional life led me around the globe.  It was exciting. I miss seeing other cultures and landscapes, tasting new foods, and having new experiences.  But I choose to focus on gratitude for the experiences I have had while patiently holding out for what is right. I like the way that William Wallace expressed this, “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”

I do know this.  If we all said no to masks and banned together, this nightmare would be over tomorrow.  For the love of your family, friends, and yourself, never give up.  Please know my thoughts are with you all and my heart is breaking for everyone.

Before it’s too late, reach deep down within yourself and be still for a few minutes each day.  Stop focusing on the thoughts of loss and fear and think about what you would choose with the right information and no pressure from anyone else.  Feel the joy in this free thought.  Act as if it is already done.  Stand up for yourself, your family, and your friends, and I will do the same.  Let’s come together and create a beautiful new world.

Living in fear is not living.  What is the point of surviving if you are not free?  Be like William Wallace in Braveheart and make each day count.

“I am William Wallace. And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny! You have come to fight as free men. And free man you are! What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?”

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