Today I Am Very Healthy

Today I Am Very Healthy

‍In 2015, I made an illogical decision that changed my life forever. Against the best medical advice, I left Massachusetts General Hospital because I had been diagnosed with a terrible Autoimmune Disease, at the time known as Wegner’s Granulomatosis. Despite a plethora of painful biopsies, the doctors still couldn’t figure out whether or not I had lymphoma.  This crisis in my life set me on a path of eye-opening personal and professional experiences.  As a physician, the most important lesson for me was the abject failure of the greater medical system as a whole, and of my formal medical education in solving this issue.


Today I am very healthy.  I received zero traditional medical treatment and my life is so different from the one I lived back then.  It’s not that I did nothing and was restored to good health, although I cannot prove that wouldn’t have been an effective cure.  Instead, what took me from point A to point B in my journey to recovery was listening to my gut.  It was clearly ‘talking’ to me.  I experienced this symptom as a physical cramp in my torso accompanying a ‘message’.  No, I did not hear any voices, but it was an intuitive feeling that was more of a ‘knowing’.  And something deep inside me was certain that I MUST listen.


Most of us are familiar with the concept that our gut is our ‘first brain’.  This is most used in reference to the microbiome of our gut dictating our brain health.  But in matters of body health, I think it has a more important reference and it is literally your first brain.  It knows things before your logical brain has any idea what the answer to your current problem may be.


Why am I randomly writing about this now, in the time of COVID, confusion, loss of freedom and societal division?  I see the similarity in today’s confusion because so much is coming at us. The medical industry cannot provide the solutions we need.  Every day brings new issues with vaccination reactions, and the data comes at such a rapid rate that the corrupt media cannot ‘erase’ the misinformation fast enough.


The most concerning event we are dealing with is the way that the vaccinated are negatively affecting the unvaccinated.  There is no scientific precedent that we can follow to guide us forward.  What do we do?  How much damage will be done to the unvaccinated until this is all figured out by our logical brains? The answer is we simply don’t know.  But drawing on my past experiences, I must share that there still is a way forward.  That much I do know.  I have no religion but am a woman of great faith.  There are things I know for certain.


Try this – (this process takes time, do it every day, until one day you are surprised with the feedback that you get. You know more than you realize.)


Please slow down each day, sit in nature.  Push fear aside (it will still be there, just visualize putting it away on a shelf in your mind for a little while.) Please don’t be afraid of your thoughts.  Pay attention to your body.  Trust whatever you get.  I promise it will NOT make logical sense.  It shouldn’t. The information is not coming from your logical brain. It’s coming from your right, expansive and creative brain. Be brave and know that a wise Sage lives within all of us.

What stops most of us from listening to our gut is the fear of exclusion, the fear of irrelevance, the fear of standing in your personal power and taking a leap of faith that you will be healthy and wholesome if you let go of everything you thought you knew.
It’s time for us to stop waiting for someone else to save us. We must help ourselves.  There is a path forward and it takes courage.  In the wise words of Winnie the Pooh, “You are stronger than you seem, braver than you believe, and smarter than you think.”


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