Who Spiked the Shot?

Who Spiked the Shot?

Now that COVID-19 vaccinations are in full force, clinicians are observing many unusual illnesses that require further investigation. Oftentimes, doctors, practitioners and nurses must put on their private investigator hats when searching for the root of a condition. Here is an example. I am currently investigating a group of 4 girls in a military academy that have been on strict lockdown since January 2020. They are only allowed to socialize in their tiny cohort and live in a 4-bed dormitory. None of the girls had COVID-19 in the past nor have tested positive for antibodies. One of the girls opted to get the Pfizer mRNA vaccine due to pressure from her parents. Within 45 minutes of receiving the injection, she returned to the dorm feeling unwell, and had to lay down. Within 24 hours, 2 of her roommates spiked fevers. One of them had additional respiratory symptoms consisting of shortness of breath and dry cough, and the other, headaches and extremity pain.  These symptoms persisted for 5-6 days. On day 7 one of the non-vaccinated girls presented with a full-blown shingles outbreak, and the other with chest pains and acute leg pain, warranting a visit to the emergency department. She was later diagnosed with pericarditis and a blood clot in her leg.


This is just one of many situations I am seeing, and they bring evidence and add pieces to the puzzle with a myriad of clinical presentations. Those that advocate for the vaccine insist there is no possible way for the end product of the mRNA infusion to be transmitted to others, but we do know that the virus, measuring at roughly 0.09 microns does so. Why would we accept that the spike protein, the most pathogenic portion of the virus, couldn’t act the same way? Is it because the vaccine maker says that the spike remains within the cell where the Lipid Nano Particles (LNP’s) carried the mRNA? If so, why are some newly vaccinated subjects experiencing neurological symptoms among many others? With SARS vaccine development attempts failing over a decade, is there a reason to believe that a vaccine designed in a very short time should be of concern?


There is strong pushback by the vaccine makers and the government agencies against those who are vocal about their observations of odd “passive” symptoms in those in close contact with the newly vaccinated subjects with symptoms ranging from post-menopausal women having a full period, flulike symptoms and fever to pulmonary embolism, Bell’s Palsy and other neurodegenerative symptoms. Otherwise healthy individuals are presenting with these anomalies, yet we are told to accept that it is purely coincidental. Yet, according to Pfizer’s protocol, they warn of transference from skin contact with the vaccinated as well as inhalation and other types of passive transference.


Using the entire spike protein as the antigenic product of the mRNA instructions, poses an issue since the spike, in and of itself, is pathogenic. The cell surface expression of the spike protein in infected cells significantly impacts viral assembly, viral spread and viral pathogenesis. Since 2005 it has been known that cell surface expression of the Spike protein is pathogenic. The mRNA therapies are dangerous with absolute certitude. The public must be informed of this. The 3a protein of SARS causes the Spike protein to internalize. Without the complete virus, it is free to signal on the cell surface making the spike is far more dangerous without the virus! This is what we are programmed to produce with each injection. For this reason, many physicians and scientists are concerned about the long-term safety of the vaccines. (see fig 1)


This author shared her experience with her large Twitter following and was promptly banned from the platform. If it is nonsense, why the harsh consequences for scientific discourse? One would think it should just be ignored. There is a large amount of money and control at stake in this vaccine rollout, and unfortunately, the mandatory stages of sharing observations and scientific discussion around patient populations receiving the experimental jab are being silenced. Is this the reason why? Now is the time to question.


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