Ecuador: Evangelical pastor speaks out against ‘unconstitutional’ measures imposed by Guayaquil’s Mayor

Ecuador: Evangelical pastor speaks out against ‘unconstitutional’ measures imposed by Guayaquil’s Mayor

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Nelson Zavala, evangelical pastor, spoke out against what he called ‘unconstitutional’ measures imposed by Cynthia Viteri, Guayaquil’s Mayor about mandatory vaccination to enter certain places, including the most widely used means of transportation in the city: La Metrovía.

Zavala based his claims on the Constitution of Ecuador, chapter 2 of Civil Rights. Among them he mentioned:

            “2a. Personal integrity. No to psychological violence.”

According to Pastor Zavala, the Mayor threatens citizens by saying that those who are not vaccinated will not be able to leave their homes if they do not have the vaccination pass. However, according to the Ecuadorian Government, vaccination is voluntary.

            “2c. Actions and penalties for genocide, torture, forced disappearance of persons, kidnapping and murder for political reasons or of conscience, will be imprescriptible.”

“… She wants to kidnap us in our own homes, leave us there under her custody… who told you that you have the authority to do something like that? Once again, what agenda do you respond to?” Zavala said to the mayor.

           “3. Equality before the law. All people will be considered equal and will enjoy the same rights, freedoms and opportunities, without discrimination based on… religion…”

“As christians, said Zavala, we consider that the body is temple of the holy spirit and as such the authorities must respect it… no one can touch it, and even worse without authorization”.

He also quoted the Nuremberg code: “no one may be subjected without his consent to medical or scientific experiment.”

          “4. Freedom. All people are born free. Slavery is prohibited”

He questioned: “Do you want to enslave us to your orders, Mrs. Mayor? Do you want us to be your slaves, to do whatever you tell us? If you are obeying the New World Order, then you be their slave!”

           “7. The right to have goods and services, public and private, of the highest quality; to choose them freely, as well as to receive adequate and truthful information about their content and characteristics.”

“Where are the ingredients of the vaccine then? Another clear violation of the law committed by the mayor of Guayaquil.

Zavala also asks the mayor to show the Notice of Liability for Harm and Death if something happens to somebody. He claims it is already happening and that there is not such a thing as ‘Delta Plus’ as the media says but it is the vaccinated who are getting sick.

“Ecuador you have to defend yourself! No authority, far less a municipal one is going to give us orders against our own life and our own health.

           “14. The right to move freely through the national territory and choose your residence. Ecuadorians will enjoy the freedom to enter and leave Ecuador.”

He cited this article referring to the aforementioned regulation that without the vaccination card people will not be able to use the most used means of transport in the city of Guayaquil; La Metrovía.

Pastor Zavala continued: “You and the government of Guillermo Lasso, must inform us what is inside these vaccines, why are you hiding it? Why are you deceiving people?… Lives are extremely valuable! Your own family members are dying, they go get vaccinated believing they will be fine and then they die… and you are calling that ‘Delta Plus’. Lies! There is no Delta Plus!”

“The virus is just a hoax, a ploy to destroy people’s immune systems through panic, fear and terror”

“Citizens… do not accept the imposition of this vaccine… it is a clear violation of the constitution of Ecuador”

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