Israel reimposes Green Passport restrictions amid pharma negotiations for 3rd shot

Israel reimposes Green Passport restrictions amid pharma negotiations for 3rd shot

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Israel’s Coronavirus Cabinet today voted to reimpose the Green Passport regime, limiting entry to some public venues to those who have submitted to receive the experimental COVID-19 shot, and recovered COVID patients.

Arutz Sheva‘s David Rosenberg reports that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett convened the Coronavirus Cabinet, after the meeting was delayed for several days, following a Health Ministry recommendation to again impose the restrictions.

The regime will go into effect starting next Thursday, and will limit entry to any indoor event with 100 people to attendees with valid vaccination cards, certificates of recovery, or recent negative COVID tests.

In addition, limits to entry will also be imposed, regardless of number of attendees, on all sports and cultural events, gyms, restaurants, and dining halls, conferences, synagogues and other houses of worship, and tourist attractions.

The Coronavirus Cabinet also voted to cancel the subsidy for coronavirus tests for people who have not been vaccinated, requiring them to pay for any tests they may require.

Meanwhile, the pro-vaccine Jerusalem Post today reported that Knesset opposition head former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Health Ministry Director Prof. Nachman Ash have been in talks with Pfizer and Moderna to negotiate purchase of yet a third dose of the shot.

Ash said that Netanyahu’s help is “not needed” for acquiring more coronavirus shots, after the opposition leader announced that he had spoken to the CEO of Pfizer in recent days.

“I respect his opinion,” Ash said, “but the decision is made by professional bodies. Our connection with Pfizer and Moderna is direct.”

In a Twitter video Wednesday, Netanyahu said he had spoken with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla twice in recent days.


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