Roadmap For Better Public Health

At America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS), policy proposals are developed and evaluated within a framework that is in keeping with both the best traditions of medical science and legal standards. AFLDS encourages all medical organizations to be equally judicious in their decision-making so as not to infringe upon the rights of both patients and physicians. 


Our four-tiered test: 

  • Any public health decision that limits individual rights and freedoms must meet the highest evidentiary standard: beyond a reasonable doubt. 
  • Any public health decision that does not limit individual rights must still meet a high evidentiary standard: preponderance of the evidence.
  • Public policy involving medical treatment must remain consistent with the physician’s Hippocratic Oath.
  • Public health decision-making must be made without regard to commercial, financial, or political gain in mind. 


A Common Sense Approach

  • AFLDS believes that since Covid-19 is far less lethal for the young and middle-aged, and approximately the same lethality as influenza for persons in their 70s, general American life should not be altered from our approach in past years. 



  • One-size-fits all measures like mandatory lockdowns do more harm than good. The negative economic, mental health and social consequences outweigh any mitigation effects.


Access to early treatment

  • Physicians should practice medicine as they always have, using all the tools at their disposal including FDA-approved medications and treatments. There is to be no top-down approach to medicine; it must continue to be bottom-up decision-making based on patient experience. 


Focused protection

  • AFLDS supports additional safeguards for at-risk groups like the elderly and frail, such as early access to treatments including prophylaxis options such as FDA medications or vaccines, fresh air and sunshine to counter lethal Vitamin D deficiency, as well as regular physical and social activity to maximize underlying health. 


Healthcare decision-making

  • Taking decisions out of the control of patients and handing it over to government bureaucrats is harmful and counter-productive. More choice in healthcare leads to greater numbers of empowered patients.


Doctor-patient relationship

  • The doctor-patient relationship is one of the last inviolable corners of American life. AFLDS wants our patients to know they are getting their doctors’ best advice. To achieve this, there must be as little government encroachment as possible.