THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. Every situation is unique, and every person must check with his or her own physician, especially if you are taking any other medications.

It has never happened that the government has restricted physicians from prescribing an FDA approved medication.

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) has been FDA approved for 65-years. Once a medication is FDA approved it can be prescribed by a physician for any reason. If the medication is prescribed for the specific reason the drug manufacturer requested (e.g. pneumonia) that is called “on-label” use, and if it is prescribed for a different reason (e.g. bladder infection) that is called “off-label” use. Being on or off label is not related to the drug’s safety or efficacy. On-label designation means the FDA permits the drug manufacturer to advertise for a specific diagnosis. Physicians prescribe “off-label” 21% of the time and never consider if a drug is on or off label in their daily practice. There are many reasons for this including: physicians are already regulated by medical malpractice regulations and it is very expensive for a drug manufacturer to get additional “on-label” designations.

The other reason doctors are always allowed to prescribe off label is because it is desirable for doctors to be able to identify new treatments for new situations. When American doctors first starting treating Covid-19, they expected to be able to do as they always have done, which is to try safe medications they already knew including: ivermectin, budesonide, hydroxychloroquine, dexamethasone, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, azithromycin, among others. But during Covid-19, State Pharmacy Boards and State Governors have passed regulations that have restricted only hydroxychloroquine and only when being used for Covid-19! This dramatic departure from the way medicine has always been practiced is very alarming to people who are concerned about the doctor-patient relationship.

We have also attached a world map which shows how difficult or easy it is to obtain HCQ throughout the world. Very broadly speaking, the restriction on HCQ is severe in western democracies.

You must consult with a physician. That can be your regular physician or another physician such as a remote tele-medicine physician.

Please click the red “DO I NEED HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE” button at the top of this page to find a HCQ-knowledgeable physician and pharmacy in your area.

This is common. One option is to print the White Paper (under References) and share it with your doctor as the evidence is irrefutable. Another option is to find a new doctor.

We agree with Dr. Zelenko’s protocol and Dr. McCullough’s treatment protocol. Both of their protocols can be found under “Protocols” tab.

We agree with Dr. Gold’s protocol, which is found under the “Protocols” tab.

Yes, HCQ is amongst the safest of all prescription drugs in the USA. HCQ has been FDA approved for 65 years and is sold over the counter in most of the world. It is the #1 most used medication in India, the second-most populous nation on the planet with 1.3 billion people.The only allegations of HCQ not being safe relate to a potential heart problem. The media has stated this so often that many people, including physicians, think there is a potential heart problem. However, the evidence clearly demonstrates HCQ is very low-risk. Please read The White Paper for more information about the safety and efficacy of hydroxychloroquine.

The short answer is yes, especially early or prophylactic. Please read Dr. Gold’s White Paper.

HCQ is FDA-approved for 65 years, is safe for babies, children, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, the elderly, and the immunocompromised who typically take it daily for years or decades. It derives from quinine found in tree barks. It is one of the most commonly used medications all around the world. It is listed on the WHO’s list of essential medications. The CDC and FDA classify it is as safe. Really – you should read the White Paper.

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