“Long Haul” COVID-19

“Long Haul” COVID-19

Definition: Refers to people who continue to have symptoms weeks after having COVID-19. The symptoms are nonspecific. This can be frustrating for both patients and doctors. Long-haul symptoms can occur with other viruses – it is not unique to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Symptoms: mild shortness of breath, mild chest tightness, moderate fatigue, chills or sweats, mild body aches, dry cough, low fever, mild headache, brain fog/concentration challenges, insomnia. Should you believe this might be your situation, the evidence is accumulating that Ivermectin may be very helpful. Telemedicine physicians can assist you if this is your situation.

Treatment: The dosage can vary but Ivermectin 0.2-0.3 mg/kg for 2-5 days or sometimes higher 0.4 mg/kg as long as seven days may help. In addition some protocols recommend adding aspirin 325 mg. once or twice per day. If respiratory symptoms continue, a few days of oral prednisone or inhaled budesonide may help. If chronic fatigue or muscular symptoms continue, adding HCQ, Zinc, Vitamin B may help.

•   Ivermectin 0.2-0.4 mg/kg duration 2-7 days

•   Aspirin 325 mg. once or twice per day

•   Prednisone or budesonide (if respiratory)

•   HCQ 200 twice per day 3-5 days (if chronic fatigue, muscular aches)

•   Zinc, Vitamin B (if chronic fatigue, muscular aches)

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